I work hard, play hard, and take hard-earned naps.


Anna Payne

I design to save the world, to support my glamorous apartment-dwelling lifestyle, and to make a better life for my 2 cats.

I graduated from Portland Community College with my Associates of Applied Science in 2015 and my Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from Portland State University in 2017. Throughout my 4 years of study I always made it a point to intern over the summers in addition to my summer coursework load. The experience I gained from my internships and the incredible people I made connections with have been invaluable to me over the years. 

Design is (and always will be) my true passion. However, I pull from a wide variety of hobbies and interests to inspire my design process. In addition to my obsession with design, I'm also an illustrator, a bookworm, a long-distance runner, a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady, a plant killer, and a connoisseur of energy drinks. 

Currently, I aspire to work for a small-ish design firm where I can put my creative mind and insatiable work ethic to good use. Having constantly worked odd jobs since I was just 8 years old, I feel qualified in saying that the best places to work are where you fit into an environment so seamlessly that the work becomes second nature and the people you surround yourself with day in and day out become your second family. 

With all of that being said, I'll share a dose of super-duper honesty and you can judge if I belong in your work family: 

- I only eat the M&M's in trail mix. 

- I think I'm fairly decent at dancing, but it's (evidently) up for debate. 

- I wear glasses to make me seem more approachable and relatable. Is it working?

- I pick up abandoned grocery lists off the ground when I spot them in the store (I like stranger's handwriting). 

- I have a serious and incurable case of wanderlust, although I'm fairly certain we all do. 

- I learned my firm handshake from my father, but the sweaty palms I mastered all on my own (sorry in advance). 

- I'm probably just a shade too nerdy to be a true badass. 

We can be friends or whatever, just so long as we're not enemies or strangers. You should make the first move though and shoot me a message!




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